Lessons of Sambo wrestling. David Rudman. Film 2

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Hands disengagement during painful hold. Technique of ground fighting.

Film 2. Hands disengagement during the painful hold of the elbow lever.

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This film is a continuation of the theme "1000 ways to perform a painful reception." This is the second seminar devoted to the interesting topic "Hand uncoupling when carrying a painful hold with elbow lever." The film has 4 chapters.

Chapter 1. Attack of the near hand when attacking with an elbow lever. Ways of uncoupling of hands.

Chapter 2. The attack of the far arm when attacking with the lever of the elbow.

Chapter 3. Other variants of attack of the entangled hands of the enemy.

Chapter 4. Answers to questions.


This is the second video tutorial on ground fighting. The given seminar though and was spent for trainers but it is easily perceived by sportsmen. Based on this film, you can conduct training and training sessions and make time-consuming plans.


  Type:   Sambo
  Duration:   80 min./1DVD
  Autor:   Rudman D. Pavlov D.
  Language:   Russian
  Standard:   PAL (DVD: 0/All)
  Year:   2013
  Location:   Russia

 Lessons of Sambo wrestling. David Rudman. Film 2

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