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Judo.Kodokan.Set of posters format A 4

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Judo. Set of 17 A4 posters.
Judo Te-waza section
Format A4(297 × 210) mm

Judo. A set of 17 A4 posters.

Throwing section 手技 / Te-waza

Posters for learning judo techniques.

These techniques refer to the group of Te-waza throws. Techniques of the throws are demonstrated by Japanese experts from the Kodokan institute. This collection contains judo techniques according to the classification of the Kodokan institute. We are used to seeing judo without leg holds. But this is not the case. In true judo there are many more throws. Here are the throws of traditional judo, which we are beginning to forget. This is the first collection of 68 judo moves.Judo. A set of 17 A4 posters.
Throwing section 手技 / Te-waza


Classification of the Kodokan Institute.

Group of techniques Te-waza (16 techniques)
1   Seoi-nage   Бросок через спину
2   Ippon-seoi-nage   Бросок через плечо
3   Seoi-otoshi   Бросок через спину с колен
4   Tai-otoshi   Передняя подножка
5   Kata-guruma   Бросок мельница
6   Sukui-nage   Бросок обратный захват двух ног
7   Obi-otoshi   Бросок захватом за пояс
8   Uki-otoshi   Бросок выведением из равновесия вперёд
9   Sumi-otoshi   Бросок выведением из равновесия назад
10   Yama-arashi   Подхват под две ноги с односторонним захватом
11   Obi-tori-gaeshi   Передний переворот ногой с захватом пояса
12   Morote-gari   Бросок захватом двух ног
13   Kuchiki-taoshi   Бросок захватом ноги за подколенный сгиб
14   Kibisu-gaeshi   Бросок захватом ноги за пятку
15   Uchi-mata-sukashi   Контрприём от подхвата изнутри
16   Ko-uchi-gaeshi   Контрприём от подсечки изнутри







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Since 2001 Kallista Film has been producing instructional video films and posters for Sambo and Judo. All products are always in stock. By order of the Judo Federation of Russia, we developed posters for the belt system adopted in Russia, as well as filmed “Stars of Japanese Judo” seminars in Moscow 2008, a seminar with famous Japanese wrestler Katsuhiko Kashivazaki in St. Petersburg in 2009. By order of the Moscow Sambo Federation, the 59th Russian Sambo Championship in Dmitrov was filmed in 2009.


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