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The technique of Japanese Judo. Seoinage. Kiyoto Katsuki 8 DAN

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Seoi-nage - throw over the back. Ko-soto-gari - heel-down.

The technique and methodology of judo in the performance of Kiyoto KATSUKI 8 DAN.

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The technique and methodology of judo in the performance of Kiyoto KATSUKI 8 DAN.Chapter 1 seoi-nage - throw over the back.

So, as Katsuki proposes to make a throw across the back, in Russia they consider it to be erroneous and in such a variant try not to teach. Everything consists in the actions of the hand when grasping for the lapel. Katsuki proposes pulling a hand in the front down, and not upward as it is done in Russia. The whole chapter is devoted to a detailed demonstration and explanation of this option.

If you look very carefully, it becomes clear that this version of the performance is quite effective. At the same time, it becomes clear why it is necessary to make such a low entrance to the reception.

Katsuki slowly and in detail shows every detail of the throw:

work of the right and left hands separately;
general inferiority;
entrance to the reception with a classic low gate.
To learn the throw through the back, this display in Katsuki's explanations is very accessible and intuitive. If, for example, you see the execution of a throw through the back of another Japanese master Hiroshi Catanisi (you'll see this a little later), then there's a completely different way of performing and teaching. If you work as a coach, then you just need to learn this option is a school of Japanese judo. In 1979, Kiyto Katsuki became the world champion.

Chapter 2 ko-soto-gari - cutting in the heel.

The technique and methodology of judo in the performance of Kiyoto KATSUKI 8 DAN.This throw is very similar to the hitch foot from the outside. But all the same it is cutting. This is another side of judo. Katsuki shows in detail the situations where this throw is possible and they are quite interesting. Format: educational-methodical seminar.



  Type: Judo
  Duration: 60 min./1DVD
  Author: Pavlov D. Katsuki K.
  Language: Japanese
  Standard: PAL (DVD: 0/All)
  Year: 2009
  Location: Russia
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Since 2001 Kallista Film has been producing instructional video films and posters for Sambo and Judo. All products are always in stock. By order of the Judo Federation of Russia, we developed posters for the belt system adopted in Russia, as well as filmed “Stars of Japanese Judo” seminars in Moscow 2008, a seminar with famous Japanese wrestler Katsuhiko Kashivazaki in St. Petersburg in 2009. By order of the Moscow Sambo Federation, the 59th Russian Sambo Championship in Dmitrov was filmed in 2009.


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