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Lessons of judo. UCHI MATA. Technics. Methodology. Practice. Film 1.

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A detailed analysis of the pick-up pickup from inside (uchi-mata). Captures, casting options, exercises for studying the reception, 100 examples from the competitions.

Lessons of judo. UCHI MATA. Technics. Methodology. Practice. Film 1.

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Kallista film offers a series of DVDs dedicated to the technical action of judo wrestling UCHI MATA (pick-up from the inside). The first film reveals the following topics: Classification of the reception, the main stages of the throw, captures, where you will see examples of the four most common captures for throwing uchi mata.

The main section of this film is the methodical and summing up exercises for the throw. Here you will see:

  • Exercises for independent tasks (6 options).
    Exercises with a partner (6 options).
    Exercises threesome (4 options).
    Exercise "uchikomi" (4 variants).
    Working hands for removal from the balance to the cast uchi mata (6 options).
    Exercises with a rubber expander (2 options).
    Exercises with a gymnastic mat.
    Exercises for the supporting leg.
    Exercises for children.
    Exercises for the fly leg.

The next big section is about throwing options. Here are three sections:

  • Performing a roll with one jump (34 examples).
    Performing a throw in 2-3 leaps (28 examples).
    Performing a roll with a somersault or rotation (29 examples).

After watching this film you will see more than 100 examples of a pick-up pick-up from within by Vitaly Makarov, Tamerlan Tmenov, Vladimir Nevzorov, T. Takimoto, D. Dowlet, T. Rinner, J. Yamashita, K. Inoy, I. Illiadis and other athletes of the world. The film is intended for athletes of all ages, for coaches and amateurs of judo.


Type: Judo methodics
Duration: 68 min./1DVD
Author: Pavlov D.
Language: Russian
Standard: PAL (DVD: 0/All)
Year: 2014
Location: Russia
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Since 2001 Kallista Film has been producing instructional video films and posters for Sambo and Judo. All products are always in stock. By order of the Judo Federation of Russia, we developed posters for the belt system adopted in Russia, as well as filmed “Stars of Japanese Judo” seminars in Moscow 2008, a seminar with famous Japanese wrestler Katsuhiko Kashivazaki in St. Petersburg in 2009. By order of the Moscow Sambo Federation, the 59th Russian Sambo Championship in Dmitrov was filmed in 2009.


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