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Olympic champions in judo. South Korea Jeon Ki-young. (Disk only)

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Three-time world champion (1993,1995,1997) and champion of the Olympic Games 1996. Judo workshop.

The judo seminar of the three-time world champion and champion of the Olympic Games Jeon Ki-young.

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In 2015, Jeon Ki-young held a seminar on the technique of Nage-waza (throw technique). A high class OF athlete allows him to demonstrate all the technical actions with an excellent assessment. At the seminar he told about:

  • throw over the back - morote-seoi-nage;
    reverse throw over the shoulder - ippon-seoi-nage (option);
    picking up inside - uchi-mata;
    front step - tai-otoshi;
    throw across the back with the capture of two arms - sode-tsuricomi-goshi.

All technical actions are detailed and demonstrated by the master. The ease of execution, focusing on important details, stopping at important moments makes it possible to easily learn the technique shown. You can see the best school of Korean judo. The film is intended for athletes, coaches and amateurs of judo.

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Fomat of video:




44 min.

Pavlov D.


PAL (DVD: 0/All)




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Since 2001 Kallista Film has been producing instructional video films and posters for Sambo and Judo. All products are always in stock. By order of the Judo Federation of Russia, we developed posters for the belt system adopted in Russia, as well as filmed “Stars of Japanese Judo” seminars in Moscow 2008, a seminar with famous Japanese wrestler Katsuhiko Kashivazaki in St. Petersburg in 2009. By order of the Moscow Sambo Federation, the 59th Russian Sambo Championship in Dmitrov was filmed in 2009.


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