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№4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD.


№4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD.

Kallista film offers a book on judo from Japan. We offer news of Japanese judo included: DVD + Book.

The film on DVD allows you to see in dynamics all the chapters of the book. The duration of the film 160 minutes. Japanese Language.

The book and DVD consist of the following topics.

Chapter 1 - for beginners.

The ritual of greeting in judo. The name of a kimono parts. How to tie a belt.

Chapter 2 - Basics of judo.

Wrestler's stands. Movement. Holds. Types of holds. Wrong holds (mistakes). Breaking balance (static, dynamic).

Chapter 3 - falling techniques.

The methods and methods of fall. Exercises and tasks.

Chapter 4 -NAGE WAZA.

Each technique has a frame by frame demonstration. For each technique separately show the actions of arms and legs, movement of body. Arrows indicated the main movement actions and directions. All the pictures are taken in dynamics. The book contains over 30 techniques of judo. Here are some names:

Deashiharai, Sasaetsurikomiashi, Osotogari, O-goshi, Ouchi-gari, seoi-nage, Okuri-ashi-harai,

Kouchi-gari, Taiotoshi, Uchi-mata, Tomoenage, Ura-nage.

Chapter 5 -KATAME WAZA.


Presented all kinds of holds. For each hold shown grabs, offered 1-2 coup, shown an escape.


Chockelock by lapel. This option is considered in detail. Presented options for the roll, defense.

Section - KANZE WAZA.

Contains options extension of the elbow joint between the legs. Classical painful technique.

This section includes special exercises for ground fighting. The movements on the stomach, back, etc. Are given training tasks for the legs. Showing two rolls ..

Chapter 6 - methodical exercises for training.


Chapter 7 - Special exercises.

Here are some exercises with a rubber expanders and other tasks.

The book size: 15x21 cm.

223 pages.Color.Release year 2013.The authors of 12 best Japanese masters.

49 $
№4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD. №4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD. №4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD. №4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD. №4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD. №4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD. №4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD. №4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD. №4.Judo Coaching Book. Book + DVD.

Product Features

  • DVD: 0/All
  • 2013
  • EMS
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  • 160 min
  • Japanese.
  • №4.Book + DVD
  • A5
  • 223 pages. Color.
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