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DVD Sambo Wrestling.

Sambo ("self-defense without weapons") - the national Russian struggle.
It is a complex self-defense system developed in the USSR. The official date of birth of Sambo is considered to be November 16, 1938, when this kind of sport was recognized in the USSR. Sambo is one of the young, but quite popular kinds of sports. Due to its technical operations this fight is much like judo. Experts consider this fight a combination of many national wrestling styles in clothing, not only Russia, but also from other nations. This sport has a huge arsenal of techniques of defense and attack, which number about five thousand. Sambo wrestlers are often involved in judo competitions and achieve good results in the international arena. In Russia, often in the same room are trained sambo and judo fighters. This is because the rules of Sambo allowes to attack in lying longer. therefore a lot of training time is devoted to painful holds. Russian Sambo idol is David Rudman, who became famous by virtuoso lying wrestling and mastery in the performance of painful holds. Seminars under his supervision you will find on our site.

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Region Code : All DVD: 0/All
Direction: All Technique of Sambo. Education sambo.
Duration: All 2 DVD-180 min. 6 DVD-348 min. 6 DVD-412 min. 42 min. 60 min. 65 min. 75min. 80min. 90 min.
Filming location: All Russia.
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