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Technique of Sambo Wrestling. A throw of “Melnitsa” from the knee.


Techique of sambo wrestler.

A throw of “Melnitsa” from the knee.

Техника борьбы самбо. Бросок мельница с колен.This throw is applied in an attacking and counter attacking manner. It is equally effective as receiving an attack and responding to an opponent’s attack. The trick is combined with sweeps. It is performed mainly due to the body. Let's look at the phases of the throw.

Starting position for the attack: the attacking wrestler chooses a slight slope in the back; average distance (from a far distance it is harder to attack); leg position (right or left side); grab the shoulder from the back of an opponent and thigh legs from the inside.

Pre-attack actions: these are actions that are aimed at preparing a throw. These include: pulling the hand of an opponent to his neck; feet jump on shin; gripping the legs in the hip area from the inside; tightly press the opponent to the neck.

Phase of separation of the opponent from the carpet: this is an important point. Tear an opponent off the mat for further overturn can be on the knees in the standing position. It is possible together with a partner to make a roll over your shoulder.

The phase of the overturn: a small turn is made by the body, the shoulder from the side of the legs rises higher, and from the side of the head it lowers.

Phase of completion of the throw: when the opponent turns over, the leg is released, and the grip on the shoulder is held. If you let go of the shoulder and leg, the opponent will turn on his stomach. It is better to throw the opponent head between your legs. After the attacker's fall, the opponent’s hand remains on which it is convenient to make a painful hold or go on hold from the side or across, from the side of the head.

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